Transmittal Letter

Postal Addressing Standards

Publication 28 October 2023
Transmittal Letter

A. Explanation. Explanation. The only change since the November 2022 edition is that mailstop code information from Section 285, Private Mail Addresses, has been moved under the new Section 327, Mailstop Code, in Business Addressing Standards.

B. Purpose. Jointly developed by the Postal Service™ and mailing industry, standardized address information enhances the processing and delivery of mail, reduces undeliverable-as-addressed mail, and provides mutual cost reduction opportunities through improved efficiency. The standards include the uniform methods for matching addresses with the information in Address Information System (AIS) products and formats for outputting addresses on mailpieces. This document describes both standardized address formats and content — format describes how the various elements appear on a mailpiece or in an address record, and content describes the characters that constitute the various address elements. This document also outlines the guidelines that govern how address information appears in the AIS products.

C. Summary of Changes. Effective October 2023, there is a new Section 327, Mailstop Code, under Business Addressing Standards.

D. Availability. Publication 28 is available on the following Web sites:

All previous editions of Publication 28 are obsolete; please recycle all copies.

E. Comments and Questions. Send any comments or questions on the content of this handbook to the following address:

MEMPHIS TN 38188-1001

F. Effective Date. This edition of Publication 28 is effective October 2023.

Earl L. Johnson Jr.
Director, Address Services
Enterprise Analytics