Business Reply Mail

Payment Options for Returned Business Reply Mail

You have three options to pay for returned Business Reply Mail pieces:
  • Postage Due Account; establish a Postage Due Account with your local delivery Post Office. There is no cost or fee to establish a Postage Due Account. The Postal Service will automatically deduct the charges for all incoming postage due mail from this account, including, but not limited to,all BRM and Address Change notifications. The deductions to this account are made automatically prior to delivery.
  • Dedicated BRM advance deposit account; this account is similar to a postage due account, however, the Postal Service will only deduct BRM charges from this account. This allows for separate accounting of BRM and other postage due charges. You may maintain both a BRM advance deposit account and a postage due account. The Postal Service requires an additional annual fee to establish and maintain this dedicated account. This type of account is required for Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) qualification.
  • Payment upon delivery; take no special steps prior to distributing Business Reply Mail (other than obtaining your BRM permit), and the Postal Service will ask for payment upon delivery, before turning the pieces over to you. Payment can be made by check, cash, or meter strip.

For additional information, see Quick Service Guide 505 - Business Reply Mail PDF or HTML.