Business Reply Mail

Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM)

For Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM), the mailer must use the unique ZIP+4 Code assigned to them by the Postal Service for use with BRM. The mailer must print the ZIP+4 Code in the address, and place the corresponding ZIP+4 Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) on the mailpiece.

The ZIP+4 Code assigned by the Postal Service is unique for that category of letter-size BRM. The ZIP+4 IMb barcode provides for sortation on postal automated equipment by specific size and rate categories (i.e., cards, 1 oz. letters, 2 oz. letters, etc.).

In return for following the relevant standards, the mailer receives a discount not only on their per-piece handling fees, but also in actual First-Class Mail postage prices. This is possible because of the efficiency of the Postal Service's high-speed barcode sorters. For postage prices and fees for regular BRM and QBRM, see the Quick Service Guide 505 - Business Reply Mail PDF or HTML.