Business Reply Mail

Obtaining Facing Identification Mark (FIM C), "Unique" ZIP+4 Barcodes, and Mailer ID

All Business Reply Mail contains the proper FIM C pattern. The FIM C pattern is to the exact size and is correctly positioned. Do not move or adjust the FIM C pattern.

There are several commercial products available to produce barcodes. Consult your software supplier for a program that meets the specifications of your operating system. Delivery point barcodes are not permitted on reply pieces.

The Mailer ID is used to identify Mail Owners and/or Mailing Agents and are assigned by the USPS® to each Mail Owner and/or Mailing Agent or other service providers that request them. Mailer IDs can be a 9-digit numeric or a 6-digit numeric and are assigned based upon annual mail volume criteria. All Mailers requesting a Mailer ID (MID) must go to the Business Customer Gateway and logon as an existing user or register as a new user to gain access. Once the mailer has access, they will select the "Mailer ID" link to obtain a MID.

The Postal Service can provide a hardcopy Facing Identification Mark (FIM) and POSTNET or IM barcode. This "camera-ready" art is available upon request from your local Mailpiece Design Analyst. The artwork typically includes positioning marks for placement.