Welcome to Business Mail 101!

Welcome to Business Mail 101, a tool for beginning or infrequent mailers that will help you harness the power of mail for your business or organization. This web site will walk you through all of the key decision points in making a mailing. It contains glossary terms and tips that give you common sense advice for making the most of your mailing.

If you know what information you need, simply click on the navigation bar. If you've never used commercial mail, click on Getting Started for an introduction to commercial mail and this site:

  • Getting Started: Learn what class of mail is right for you, what commercial prices are available for those classes, and why commercial mail could be the right choice for your business or organization
  • The Checklist for Mailers will help you complete all of the steps in making a mailing.

Not sure if commercial mail is right for you? Find out more about commercial mail.

  1. What is Commercial Mail?
  2. Advantages of Commercial Mail
  3. Helping You Mail
  4. International Mail