Other Resources

The resources listed below can help you design a mailpiece that will qualify for the best possible prices.

Mailpiece design analysts (MDA)) are postal employees specially trained to answer your questions about mailpiece design. These employees provide advice and issue rulings regarding acceptability for automated prices. MDAs provide technical assistance on mailpiece design to envelope manufacturers, printers, advertising agencies, and graphic designers.

Mailpiece design analysts are available for:
  • Testing paper and actual mailpiece samples for acceptable thickness, background color, flexibility, rigidity, and barcode print tolerances.
  • Providing camera-ready artwork for the proper facing identification marks (FIMs) and barcodes for Business Reply Mail, Courtesy Reply Mail, Permit Reply Mail, and Meter Reply Mail.
  • Reviewing artwork and mailpiece "mock ups" prior to printing.
  • Reviewing and approving vendor-prepared special service labels and forms.

Lettershops and presort bureaus frequently have staff members that can help you design a mailpiece.

In addition, be sure to look at these Quick Service Guides:
  1. QSG – 201 Physical Standards for Commercial Letters and Postcards
  2. QSG – 201a Designing Letters and Postcards for Automated Processing
  3. QSG – 201c Physical Standards for Commercial Flats
  4. QSG – 201d Designing Flats for Automated Processing
  5. QSG – 201e Physical Standards for Commercial Parcels
  6. QSG – 201f Designing Parcels for Automated Processing