How to Design Permit Imprint Indicia

There are some required elements of a permit imprint indicia. They include:

  1. Line 1: Class marking
  2. Line 2: The words "U.S. Postage Paid"
  3. Line 3: City and state where permit is held
  4. Line 4: The word "Permit" and your permit number.

These are some examples—remember your permit imprint will show YOUR city and state and YOUR permit number.

Visual examples of imprint indicias.

Note: These are only examples; not all possible variations are shown. When not in the indicia, the class of mail must be marked on the mailpiece directly below or to the left of the indicia.

Your permit imprint may be four or five lines long. If you have questions about the content or placement of your permit imprint, contact your local Mailpiece Design Analyst or Business Mail Entry Unit.

On your mailpiece, the permit imprint must appear to the upper right in relation to the delivery address.

  • You can print the permit imprint indicia onto a label and apply that to your mailpiece. This is a smart choice if you're not printing your own envelopes.
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