How to Apply For a Permit to Use Precanceled Stamps

Get a copy of Form 3615, Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile. Copies are available from your Business Mail Entry Unit or local Post Office.

Fill out Form 3615. Check the box that says "Precanceled Stamp Authorization."

Turn in the completed Form 3615 at your local Business Mail Entry Unit or Post Office. There is no application fee to get a permit to use precanceled stamps. Before heading out, call your local Post Office and ask where you need to take your application. Use the Post Office locator to find phone numbers and addresses. You don't need to fill out a new form, and there is no fee to amend Form 3615.

The Post Office will process your application and give you a precanceled stamp permit number right then and there, and you'll receive a receipt with the precanceled stamp permit number on it. Keep this receipt! You may have a different permit number for each method of payment you use: one for your precanceled stamps, one for your permit imprint, and one for your postage meter. Remember to use the right one!

  • Mailing permits are given out at your local Post Office, usually at the same place where you will drop off your business mail.
  • If you've already filled out Form 3615 to use a postage meter or apply for a permit imprint, then you should go to your Business Mail Entry Unit to amend Form 3615.
  • Although there is no fee to use precanceled stamps, there is an annual mailing fee to mail in bulk.
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