How to Use Precanceled Stamps

Buy Precanceled Stamps

You can buy precanceled stamps in large quantities at the retail window of the Post Office where you hold your precanceled stamp permit. Precanceled stamps are available for:

  • Presorted First-Class Mail
  • USPS Marketing Mail
  • Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail

Precanceled stamps are available in various non-denominations in coils.

Affix Precanceled Stamps to Your Mailpieces

Precanceled stamps are affixed to mailpieces just like regular stamps. Some letter shops and presort bureaus have machines that apply precanceled stamps to mailpieces, so precanceled stamps are still an option even if you have someone else prepare your mail.

Precanceled stamps must be placed in the upper right corner of the mailpiece. If you're using precanceled stamps on a flat (large envelope), place the stamp in the upper right of the delivery address. Precanceled stamps cannot be used on reusable containers such as boxes or tubes.

  • Be sure to buy the correct stamps for the class of mail you're mailing.
  • The Business Mail Entry Unit does NOT sell precanceled stamps; you must go to the retail counter at a Post Office.
  • Are you authorized to mail at nonprofit prices? If so, there's a precanceled stamp just for nonprofit mailers.
  • Precanceled stamps must have a complete domestic return address.
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