Tips on Mailpiece Shape

Use these tips when designing your mailpiece:
  • Avoid square pieces. They are mailable, but they don't fit well into mail processing equipment and you may have to pay extra postage.
  • Always place the delivery address parallel to the longest side.
  • You may be able to redesign your piece as a flat or qualify it as an automation flat.
  • Parcels pay higher prices than letters or flats to cover the extra costs of processing them.
  • For any commercial mailing, each one of the hundreds (or thousands) of pieces in your mailing could be charged the nonmachinable price. That could add up to a lot of money.
  • There is no nonmachinable surcharge on Priority Mail. In many cases, it's cheapest to mail your nonmachinable parcel at Priority Mail prices (and your mailpiece gets there faster!).
  • Oversized prices for USPS Retail Ground are not determined by weight, but by the size of the parcel. You'll pay the same postage for a 1-pound oversized parcel as a 70-pound oversized parcel to the same destination.
  • No matter what your parcel measures in inches (up to the maximum allowed), it can NEVER be heavier than 70 pounds.

Additional resources for designing your mailpiece