3 Business Addressing Standards

31 General

311 Joint Industry and Postal Service Standardization Efforts

This chapter defines standardized formats for business addresses to be used on mailpieces. This standardization effort was originally initiated by the Direct Mail Association (DMA) Business–to–Business Users‘ Group in late 1987 and included the involvement of other DMA segments groups who provide business–to–business list services. The Postal Service‘s Address Management Office and National Customer Support Center (NCSC) have worked closely with these groups to pinpoint problem areas and develop recommended solutions. Members of the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) have also provided strong support for the development of these business–to–business addressing standards.

As awareness of business–to–business addressing issues became more widespread, a broader scope of industry participation was facilitated by the establishment of a special ad hoc Business–to–Business Addressing Subcommittee of the Mailers‘ Technical Advisory Committee in the fall of 1989.

Numerous joint working meetings were held to thoroughly define standardization needs and develop the components of the recommended addressing guidelines outlined in this section. It should be noted that this effort intentionally dovetailed with the earlier joint industry and Postal Service program that established the general addressing standards. Industry and USPS joint work groups will continue to be created to provide the information necessary to achieve the highest level of address quality possible.