156 Deposit


1.0 Deposit for USPS Retail Ground


1.0 Deposit for USPS Retail Ground

1.1 Deposit

USPS Retail Ground mail must be deposited at a time and place specified by the postmaster or designee at the office of mailing. USPS Retail Ground is primarily intended to be presented at a USPS retail service counter where USPS tracking and confirmation of delivery service can be initiated.

1.2 Pickup on Demand Fees

Pickup on Demand service (507.7.0) is available for a fee only from designated ZIP Codes and can be requested online at www.usps.com.

1.3 Stamped Pieces over 10 Ounces or More than One Half-Inch in Thickness

[1-26-20] USPS Retail Ground pieces bearing only postage stamps as postage payment and that weigh more than 10 ounces, or measure more than one half-inch in thickness, may not be deposited into a collection box, Postal Service lobby drop, Postal Service dock, customer mailbox, or other unattended location. These mailpieces are also precluded from pickup service. The sender must present such items to an employee at a retail service counter in a Postal Service facility. Improperly presented items will be returned to the sender for proper entry and acceptance.