Automation Letters and Cards

Lower prices are available for letters and cards that are compatible with the Postal Service's automated processing equipment. To qualify for automation prices, your letters and cards must conform to very specific criteria, including:

  • A minimum number of pieces (200 pieces for USPS Marketing Mail, 500 pieces for First-Class Mail).
  • An Intelligent Mail barcode encoded with the correct delivery point routing code on each piece in the address block or in the barcode clear zone.
  • An address list that has been checked and CASS-certified within the last 180 days.
  • A complete address with the correct ZIP Code, ZIP+4 code or numeric equivalent to the delivery point barcode (DPBC).
  • A specific shape and size.
  • No more than 3.5 ounces for automation USPS Marketing Mail and USPS Marketing Mail Carrier Route.
  • No polywrap, polybag, shrinkwrap, clasps, strings, buttons, or similar closure devices.

This is just a sampling of the requirements for automation letters and cards. Your local Post Office or Business Mail Entry Unit can help you decide if automation is right for you, and your Mailpiece Design Analyst can help you design a letter or card to qualify for automation prices. A presort bureau or letter shop can help you prepare your mail to qualify for these discounted prices.

  1. Designing Letters and Cards for Automated Processing
  2. Tabs and Wafer Seals
  3. Sorting First-Class Mail Automation Letters
  4. Sorting USPS Marketing Mail Automation Letters
  • What does "CASS-certified" mean? "CASS" stands for "Coding Accuracy Support System." It means that your addresses have been checked for accuracy against the Postal Service's database using an approved system.