256 Enter and Deposit


1.0 Verification

2.0 Deposit

3.0 Pickup on Demand Service

1.0 Verification

1.1 Verification and Entry

All presort, destination entry, and barcoded mailings must be presented for verification and acceptance at the Post Office where the permit or license is held. All such mailings must be deposited at locations and times specified by the postmaster or designee at the office that verifies and accepts the mailing. Plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) mailings must be presented for verification, acceptance, and entry under 705.17.0. Plant-loaded mailings must be presented as specified by the applicable standards and the plant- load agreement. Metered mail may be deposited at other than the licensing Post Office only as permitted under 705.19.0.

1.2 Office of Mailing

Parcel Select must be mailed at the Post Office from which the zone-based postage was computed, except under 1.3 and 1.4.

1.3 Redirected Mailings

A shipper who presents large shipments of zoned Parcel Select mail may be authorized or directed to deposit such shipments at another postal facility when processing or logistics make such an alternative desirable for the USPS, subject to these conditions:

  1. Zoned postage need not be recomputed if both the original Post Office of mailing and the alternative facility use the same zone chart for computing zoned postage, based on the 3-digit prefix of their ZIP Codes.
  2. Postage must be recomputed on pieces in mailings redirected to a postal facility that uses a different zone chart for computing zoned postage.
1.4 NDC Acceptance

A mailer may present Parcel Select at a NDC for acceptance if:

  1. Metered postage is paid through a postage meter licensed at the NDC parent Post Office, or permit imprint postage is paid through an advance deposit account at the NDC parent Post Office or another Post Office in the NDC service area, unless otherwise permitted by standard.
  2. Zoned postage is computed from the NDC parent Post Office.
  3. The NDC is authorized by Form 4410, Authorization for NDC Acceptance, to act as acceptance agent for the entry Post Office.
1.5 Drop Shipment Information

Essential information for entering drop shipment Parcel Select mailings at specific postal facilities can be found in the Drop Shipment Product available at the USPS FAST Web site: https://fast.usps.com.

2.0 Deposit

2.1 Bedloaded Parcels

A mailer may present bedloaded DNDC parcels if the mailer‘s vehicle has a road-to-bed height of 50 (±2) inches. If applicable, the mail to be entered at different destinations must be separated to prevent mixing of mailings for deposit at different destinations. DNDC mailings may be bedloaded for deposit at NDCs/ASFs and DDU mailings may be bedloaded for deposit at DDUs. Refer to the Drop Shipment Product available at the USPS FAST Web site: https://fast.usps.com to determine dock requirements for a DDU facility.

2.2 Containers

DNDC mailings (if not bedloaded), DDU mailings (if not bedloaded), and all DSCF mailings must be prepared as follows:

  1. Machinable parcels for which a DNDC, DSCF, or DDU price is claimed must be sacked under 255.4.0, or prepared on pallets under 705.8.0.
  2. For DNDC price, nonmachinable parcels that each weigh 35 pounds or less must be sacked under 255.4.0, if the parcels do not contain perishables and the size of the parcels allows a sack to hold at least two pieces. DNDC nonmachinable parcels that cannot be sacked in this manner or that weigh more than 35 pounds must be transported as outside (unsacked) pieces. If authorized in advance by the USPS, DNDC nonmachinable parcels may be palletized.
  3. For DSCF, if sacked under 255.4.0, must contain at least seven pieces per sack. If the sack is overflow from a 5-digit scheme, 5-digit, or 3-digit sack that contains at least seven pieces, then a sack may contain fewer than seven pieces. For DSCF, if sacked under 705.8.0 as overflow from a 5-digit scheme, 5-digit, or 3-digit pallet that meets the applicable pallet minimum, may contain any number of pieces. Machinable and nonmachinable pieces may be included in the same sack.
  4. For DSCF, 5-digit scheme, 5-digit, and 3-digit sacks may be bedloaded or be placed on SCF pallets that are labeled and otherwise prepared under 705.8.0.
  5. For DSCF and DDU, nonmachinable parcels may be palletized (including pallet boxes on pallets). Nonmachinable parcels may be combined with machinable parcels on 5-digit scheme, 5-digit, and 3-digit pallets (including pallet boxes on pallets) claimed at DSCF or DDU prices under 705.8.0.
  6. For DDU, there are no minimums for sacks, pallets, or pallet boxes on pallets. DDU mail must be separated by 5-digit scheme and 5-digit (even if bedloaded) and, if placed in sacks or on pallets (including boxes on pallets), it must be properly labeled to the 5-digit scheme or 5-digit destination. Machinable and nonmachinable pieces may be combined in 5-digit scheme and 5-digit sacks or on 5-digit scheme and 5-digit pallets (including pallet boxes).
2.3 Mailer Transport

The mailer must transport the PVDS mailing from the place where it was verified to the destination postal facility (NDC, SCF, or delivery unit), appropriate to the mailing and the price claimed.

2.4 Freight

Drop shipments are freight until deposited, and accepted, as mail at the destination facility. The mailer may request use of a numbered PVDS band seal to secure mailer vehicles transporting plant-verified drop shipments.

2.5 Mail Separation and Presentation of Destination Entry Mailings

Destination entry mail must be presented and verified under a PVDS system (705.17.0), presented for acceptance at a BMEU located at a destination postal facility; or presented for acceptance at an origin DMU or BMEU, and then prepared under Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute or Priority Mail Open and Distribute standards (705.18.0). Mailers may deposit only PVDS and eVS mailings at a destination delivery unit not co-located with a Post Office or other Postal Service facility with a business mail entry unit. If authorized under 705.7.0, mailers may commingle Parcel Select with other approved parcel mail using eVS. Mailers presenting destination entry mailings to the Postal Service must meet the following requirements:

  1. Mark each DNDC, DSCF, or DDU Parcel Select piece as “Parcel Select,” according to If eVS is used, include the marking “eVS” on each piece as described in 604.5.0.
  2. Separate DNDC mailings by zone for permit imprint mailings of identical-weight pieces that are not mailed using a special postage payment system under 705.2.0 through 705.4.0, or that are not mailed under 255.1.4.
  3. Ensure that all PVDS mailings are accompanied by a completed Form 8125, 8125-C, or 8125-CD. eVS mailings do not require these forms.
  4. Separate each mailing from other mailings for verification. For PVDS mailings and eVS mailings, separate mailings for deposit at different destination Postal Service facilities.
  5. Separate mail from freight transported on the same vehicle.
  6. If Periodicals mail is on the same vehicle as Parcel Select, load the Periodicals mail toward the tail of the vehicle.
2.6 NDC as Agent

The DNDC may verify and accept mail if authorized by Form 4410 to act as agent for the parent Post Office where the mailer‘s account or license is held.

2.7 Appointments

Appointments must be made for destination entry mail as follows:

  1. Except for local mailers, for mailings of perishable commodities (601.8.0) under 2.8, appointments for deposit of destination entry mail at NDCs, ASFs, and SCFs must be scheduled through the appropriate appointment control center at least one day in advance. Same day appointments may be granted by a control center on the basis of a telephone request. All appointments for NDC loads must be scheduled by the appropriate NDC control center. Appointments for SCFs and ASFs must be scheduled through the appropriate district control center. Appointments may be made up to thirty (30) calendar days prior to a desired appointment date. Mailers must comply with the scheduled mail deposit time and location. The mailer must cancel any appointment by notifying the appropriate control center at least a day in advance of a scheduled appointment time.
  2. Electronic appointments may be made by mailers/agents using a USPS-issued computer logon ID. Electronic appointments or cancellations must be made at least 12 hours prior to the desired time and date. All information required by the USPS appointment system regarding a mailing must be furnished.
  3. For deposit of DDU mailings, an appointment must be made by contacting the DDU at least 24 hours in advance. If the appointment must be canceled, a mailer must notify the DDU at least a day in advance of a scheduled appointment. Recurring (standing) appointments will be allowed if shipment frequency is weekly or more often.
2.8 Exception to Scheduling Standard

Exceptions are as follows:

  1. The scheduling standard in 2.7, does not apply when a mailer deposits mailings for verification and acceptance at the local Post Office serving the facility where the mail was prepared, if the mailings are not verified under a plant load authorization or plant-verified drop shipment postage payment system authorization. Under this exception, the mailer may claim the DNDC prices for mailings or portions of such mailings deposited at the local Post Office if the local Post Office is the DNDC/ASF or designated SCF that meets the application standards.
  2. Exceptions to the scheduling standard are made for shipments of products recognized by USPS as perishables under 601.9.0. While an appointment is not required for shipments of perishables, the destination facility must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of deposit to facilitate timely handling of the load.
2.9 Redirection by USPS

A mailer may be directed to transport destination entry mailings to a facility other than the designated DDU, SCF, or NDC due to facility restrictions, building expansions, peak season mail volumes, or emergency constraints.

2.10 Advance Scheduling

Mailers must schedule appointments for deposit of destination entry mail under 2.7 and the conditions below. When making an appointment, or as soon as available, the mailer must provide the control center or DDU with the following information:

  1. Mailer‘s name and address and telephone number of the mailer‘s agent or local contact.
  2. Description of what is being mailed, product name, number of mailings, volume of mail, how prepared, and whether containerized (e.g., pallets). For DDU entries, the mailer also must provide the 5-digit ZIP Code(s) of the mail being deposited.
  3. Where the mailing was verified.
  4. Postage payment method.
  5. Requested date and destination facility for mailing.
  6. Vehicle identification number, size, and type.
2.11 Deposit Conditions

Deposit of mail also is subject to these conditions:

  1. Destination facilities may refuse mailings that are unscheduled or late (i.e., if vehicles arrive more than 2 hours after the scheduled appointment at ASFs, NDCs, or SCFs and more than 20 minutes late at delivery units). If a mailing is refused, a mailer is permitted to make a new appointment.
  2. The NDC may approve drop and pick procedures only for Parcel Select mailers. The NDC specifies the time limit for vehicle retrieval.
2.12 Recurring Appointments

Recurring refers to a drop shipment that is delivered to a destination office with a frequency of at least once a week on the same time and day(s). Mailings must be comparable product in terms of size, volume, and containerization (pallets, pallet boxes, etc.). A request to establish recurring appointments must be written on company letterhead to the postal facility manager/postmaster. The drop shipment appointment control office/postmaster will respond to all requests within 10 days. Recurring appointments may be made for a period not to exceed 6 months. Thereafter, a new application must be submitted to ensure that up-to-date mailer information is on file. Written request for an additional 6 months may be made within 60 days prior to the expiration of a current arrangement. Failure to adhere to scheduled appointments or other abuse of the procedures will result in revocation of recurring appointment privileges. Requests for recurring appointments must include the following:

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of the mailer.
  2. Transportation agent‘s name (contact person) and telephone number(s).
  3. Mail volume and preparation (sacks/parcels).
  4. Containerization.
  5. Size and type of trailer(s) transporting mail.
  6. Frequency/schedule.
2.13 Vehicle Unloading

Unloading of destination entry mailings is subject to these conditions:

  1. Properly prepared containerized loads (e.g., pallets) are unloaded by the USPS at NDCs, ASFs, and SCFs. The USPS does not unload or permit the mailer (or mailer agent) to unload palletized loads that are unstable or severely leaning or that have otherwise not maintained their integrity in transit.
  2. The driver must unload bedloaded shipments within 8 hours of arrival at NDCs, ASFs, and SCFs. Combination containerized and bedloaded drop shipment mailings are classified as bedloaded shipments for unload times. The USPS may assist in unloading.
  3. At destination delivery units (DDUs), drivers must unload all mail, whether bedloaded, sacked, or palletized (including boxes on pallets), within 1 hour of arrival. Unloading procedures are as follows:
    1. If pallets or pallet boxes are stacked, drivers must unload, unstrap, and unstack them.
    2. When drivers unload containerized mail, delivery unit employees may require drivers to place the containers together by 5-digit ZIP Codes or 5-digit schemes.
    3. When mail is not containerized or on pallets, drivers must place the mail into containers as delivery unit employees specify. Delivery unit employees may require drivers to place mail into containers to separate mail by 5-digit ZIP Codes or 5-digit schemes.
    4. At DDUs that cannot handle pallets, drivers must unload any mail from pallets and place it into containers as delivery unit employees specify.
  4. When driver unloading is required, the driver or assistant must stay with and continue to unload the vehicle once at the dock.
  5. The driver must remove the vehicle from USPS property after unloading. The driver and assistant are not permitted in USPS facilities except the dock and designated driver rest area.
2.14 Demurrage

The USPS is not responsible for demurrage or detention charges incurred by a mailer who presents destination entry mailings.

2.15 Appeals

Mailers who believe that they are denied equitable treatment may appeal to the manager, Customer Service (district), responsible for the destination postal facility.

2.16 Documentation

A postage statement must accompany each destination entry mailing. Any other documentation must be submitted as required by the standards for the price claimed or the postage payment method used.

2.17 DNDC Parcel Select—Acceptance at Designated SCF-USPS Benefit

A mailing that is otherwise eligible for DNDC prices may be deposited, and accepted, at an SCF designated by the USPS when it benefits the USPS and:

  1. The mailing contains only machinable parcels prepared in 5-digit scheme and 5-digit sacks, pallets, or containers and nonmachinable parcels prepared under 2.2.
  2. All DNDC parcels are for delivery within the service area of the SCF at which they are deposited by the mailer.
  3. Postage on all parcels deposited at the SCF is computed using the zone chart for that postal facility.
  4. The marking required by 255.1.8, contains the correct information.
  5. The mailer is directed to deposit the mailing at that SCF by the district control center in whose area is located the NDC or ASF where the DNDC parcels would otherwise be deposited.
2.18 DNDC Parcel Select—Acceptance at Designated SCF

Mailers may deposit parcels otherwise eligible for the DNDC prices at an SCF designated by the USPS for destination ZIP Codes listed in labeling list L607. The following standards apply:

  1. Eligible machinable parcels are restricted to the ZIP Codes listed in L607.
  2. Bound Printed Matter machinable parcels under 266.4.4, and USPS Marketing Mail and Parcel Select Lightweight machinable parcels under 705.6.0 may be included.
  3. Mailers must prepare parcels on 3-digit pallets or in 3-digit pallet boxes, or unload and physically separate the parcels into containers specified by the destination facility. Parcels are eligible for the applicable DNDC entry.
  4. All DNDC parcels must be for delivery within the service area of the SCF where they are deposited by the mailer.
  5. Postage on all parcels deposited at the SCF is computed using the zone chart for that postal facility.
  6. Parcels must contain the correct marking in 255.1.8.

3.0 Pickup on Demand Service

Pickup on Demand service (507.7.0) is available for a fee only from designated ZIP Codes and can be requested online at www.usps.com.