How Distance Affects Prices

For certain classes of mail the price is determined by how far the mailpiece travels to get to its destination: the farther it travels the more you pay in postage. The actual distance is measured by "zones." Zones range from Zone 1 (local, close to you) to Zone 9 (very far away from you). The farther the mail goes, the more zones it crosses, and the more postage you pay.

First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail, Library Mail, and Media Mail are not zoned. That means you pay the same price no matter where your mail is going. What a great deal!

Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, USPS Retail Ground, and Bound Printed Matter are all zoned.

The Postal Service offers various domestic Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Flat Rate mailing options for items sent in USPS-produced Flat Rate packaging, regardless of weight (up to 70 lbs.) or destination.

Priority Mail Express has two Flat Rate Boxes and three Flat Rate Envelopes, and Priority Mail has various Flat Rate Boxes and Flat Rate Envelopes that can be mailed at their respected Flat Rate prices. Additionally, the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box sent to APO/FPO and DPO destination addresses is available for an even lower price. All other (non-Flat Rated) Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail prices are based on the item's weight and zone.

For items sent internationally, customers can use the same domestic Flat Rate packaging for items sent via Priority Mail Express International or Priority Mail International. Also, like domestic, each item can be mailed at their respected Flat Rate price regardless of country destination; however, lower weight limits apply, and lower Flat Rate prices apply when mailing to Canada.

Check out the domestic and international Flat Rate packaging sections of Price List - Notice 123.

  • Pound for pound, the Flat Rate packaging can be the best service for the best value.
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