A-2.2 Analysis

The following is the six-step process for analyzing the mailpiece:

  1. Step 1: The mailpiece contains no products.
  2. Step 2: This step need not be considered because the mailpiece contains no products.
  3. Step 3: The mailpiece contains descriptions, including costs and terms, of various products and services available to members, such as a journal, car rentals, travel arrangements, insurance, and an affinity credit card. In most circumstances, such as the publication discussed in Case Study 1, these contents would be considered advertising. However, where such contents are included in a letter soliciting new members or membership renewals, they will not be considered advertising if the mailpiece meets the standards discussed in 6-3.3.8. In this instance, the descriptions of the benefits constitute less than half of the solicitation letter and are not considered to be advertising.
  4. Steps 4–6: Since the contents in the mailpiece discussed in step 3 are not considered advertising under the standards in 6-3.3.8, these tests do not need to be considered.