3-1.6 Submitting Application

3-1.6.1 Where to File

Take the completed PS Form 3624 and supporting documents to the Post Office where the organization intends to mail. Request a copy of the application that has been date-stamped by Postal Service personnel.

3-1.6.2 Review Process

The Post Office will review the application and documentation for completeness, and then forward the application file to the Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) in New York. The PCSC may request additional information before approving or denying the application. (Be sure to provide any requested information within the specified timeframe.) The PCSC manager will notify the organization directly of its decision on the application.

If the documentation is complete, the review process normally takes two weeks. If additional information is needed to substantiate eligibility, the process can take longer.

3-1.6.3 Refund for Mailings While Application Pending

While the application for authorization to mail at nonprofit prices is pending, the organization must pay postage at the applicable prices for First-Class Mail or regular USPS Marketing Mail (regular prices).

Refunds are not available for mailings entered as First-Class Mail. To qualify for any refund of postage for mailings entered at the regular USPS Marketing Mail prices, make arrangements with the postmaster to mail under a deposit system while the application is pending.

If the PCSC approves the application, the organization is eligible for a refund of the difference in postage between the regular prices deposited and the applicable nonprofit prices for mailings entered on and after the effective date of the application.

The effective date is the date when the organization filed the application or the date when the organization first met the eligibility requirements for the nonprofit prices, whichever is later.