3-2.2 Confirmation of Authorization

3-2.2.1 PS Form 3623

An authorized organization, or organization pending authorization, wishing to mail at a non-PostalOne! Post Office location must file PS Form 3623, Request for Confirmation of Authorization (or Pending Authorization) to Mail at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail Prices, with the postmaster before entering mailings at Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail prices.

3-2.2.2 Organization Name

If the organization name on PS Form 3623 differs from the one on USPS records, the applicant must revise the organization’s original application to reflect a name change by providing evidence that the organization name was officially changed (e.g., an official amendment to the organization’s Articles of Incorporation stating the former name and the new name and a letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service recognizing the name change).

3-2.2.3 Mailing While Application Pending

While the application to mail at nonprofit prices at the additional office is pending, the organization must pay postage at the applicable prices for First-Class Mail or Priority Mail service, or at regular USPS Marketing Mail prices.

Refunds are not available for mailings entered as First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. To qualify for any refund of postage for mailings entered at the regular USPS Marketing Mail prices, make arrangements with the postmaster to mail under an advance deposit account while the application is pending.