USPS Packaging Instruction 6G

Nonregulated Infectious Materials

Nonregulated materials as defined in 346.234 are not subject to regulation as hazardous materials but must be properly packaged when presented for mailing. Nonregulated materials include biological product, blood collected for the purpose of blood transfusion, blood products and blood components collected for the purpose of transfusion, dried blood spots, forensic material not expected of containing a Category A or Category B infectious substance and transported on behalf of a government agency. For a complete description of nonregulated materials, see 346.234.

Proper Shipping Name and ID Number


Required Packaging

Liquid Patient Specimens and Biological Products
Exceeding 50 ml
Not Exceeding 50 ml
Absorbent and Cushioning Material
Secondary Container
Outer Shipping Container
Solid or Dry Specimen
Primary Receptacle
Secondary Container
Outer Shipping Container

Note: A shipper‘s declaration for dangerous goods (shipping papers) is not required for clinical specimens that do not contain infectious substances.