335 ORM–D Materials

ORM-D (Other Regulated Material) material is a limited quantity of a hazardous material that presents a limited hazard during transportation due to its form, quantity, and packaging. Not all hazardous materials permitted to be shipped as a limited quantity can qualify as an ORM-D material. Some of the hazardous materials that qualify under the limited quantity provision are permitted a further exemption in 49 CFR 172.101 (column 8A) to be reclassified as an ORM-D material under 49 CFR 173.144 and renamed with the proper shipping name “Consumer Commodity,” which is defined in Appendix D. Effective January 1, 2021, the ORM-D category will be eliminated for materials intended for surface transportation. After this date, the mailability of materials previously fitting the description of ORM-D must be evaluated based on its eligibility under the applicable consumer commodity or mailable limited quantity categories.

The ORM-D category is only applicable for materials intended for surface transportation and is unique to the United States. Its use is prohibited in international mail.

It is the responsibility of the mailer to know the correct DOT hazard class of a hazardous material before mailing (see 323).

When assistance is needed to determine eligibility for mailing, the mailer may request a ruling from the PCSC as outlined in 215.