USPS Packaging Instruction 6H

Exempt Human or Animal Specimens

Exempt human or animal specimens as defined in 346.12d are not subject to regulation as hazardous materials, but when presented for mailing, they must be properly packaged. See 346.326.

“Exempt human or animal specimen” means a human or animal sample (including, but not limited to, secreta, excreta, blood and its components, tissue and tissue fluids, and body parts) transported for routine testing not related to the diagnosis of an infectious disease.

Typically, exempt human specimens are specimens for which there is a low probability that the sample is infectious, such as specimens for drug or alcohol testing; cholesterol testing; blood glucose level testing; prostate-specific antigens (PSA) testing; testing to monitor heart, kidney, or liver function; pregnancy testing; and testing for diagnosis of noninfectious diseases such as cancer biopsies.

Proper Shipping Name


Required Packaging

Primary Receptacle
Secondary Container