18 Trademarks of the USPS

181 Use of USPS Trademarks

USPS trademarks must be used in the form listed in this section. Proper use of any USPS trademarks may require capitalizing the initial letters, or all the letters of the acronym, to distinguish them from terms not used as trademarks. Words and phrases that are registered trademarks may also use the registration symbol ®; words and phrases that are not registered but are still USPS trademarks may use the ™ symbol. If the registration or ™ symbol is not used, a reference should be placed at the beginning or end of the document, indicating the marks that are used in the publication with the following notation: “The following marks are among the many marks belonging to the U.S. Postal Service and are not an exhaustive list”:

We list the marks in lieu of using the ® symbol throughout Publication 52.