245 Hazardous Chemical Emergencies

CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center) is a service of the Chemical Manufacturers Association that provides immediate information and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for those at the scene of transportation emergencies involving chemicals.

Postal Service personnel are authorized to telephone CHEMTREC day or night, toll free, at 800–424–9300. For calls originating within the state of Virginia or outside the continental United States, telephone 703–527–3887. CHEMTREC usually can provide hazard guidance and information warnings when given only the name of the product and the nature of the problem. CHEMTREC also follows up by promptly contacting the shipper of the chemicals involved for more detailed assistance. CHEMTREC does not provide on–site emergency response.

CHEMTREC may request the following information in an emergency call:

  1. Caller’s name, title and organization, and callback number at scene.
  2. Description of incident and actions taken.
  3. Type and number of injuries/exposures.
  4. Material involved, including:
    1. Name of the product(s), preferably a trade name.
    2. Shipper and point of destination.
    3. Consignee and destination (delivery address).
  5. Type or description and number of containers/packages.
  6. Specific information you need right away (MSDSs, medical help, etc.)
  7. Size of or amount of release.
  8. Location, time, weather at the scene.