455 Building Construction Material

455.1 Definition

The term “building construction material” refers to any material which is used for construction purposes. Naturally occurring substances, such as clay, rocks, sand, and wood, fit into this category and some of these substances could be man-made products using synthetics.

455.2 Mailability

Building construction material is not permitted in the mail if the acceptance and processing is likely to harm or injure USPS employees, mail, or equipment. Factors considered include, but are not limited to, whether the material may pose potential storage problems at the postal facilities that may process the material; whether the volume of material may impede the flow of mail in USPS transportation or mail distribution systems; whether the volume of material may lead to security problems; and whether processing the material may create safety hazards for USPS employees.

455.3 Rulings

Rulings must be based on the composition of the product. Requests for rulings must include the trade name of the product, as well as information regarding any known hazardous ingredients. A generic description of the item is not sufficient. Requests for rulings are directed to the local Postmaster (see 215.3).

455.4 Nonmailable Matter Found in the Mails

Nonmailable building construction material discovered in the mailstream must be immediately reported in accordance with POM 139.117.