252 Guidelines for Dispatch Personnel

The following guidelines for Postal Service dispatch personnel are general in nature. Specific dispatch procedures for Postal Service operational employees are in the POM and applicable to the class and content of the mailpiece.

  1. Make sure that the hazardous material, restricted matter, or perishable matter is given proper handling to avoid damage or danger.
  2. Ensure that all mailpieces with a hazardous-materials mark or label are separated from all other mail and are placed into labeled containers further separated by transportation type. See 327.1a and 327.1b.
  3. Tender to the air carrier only those mailpieces that are properly packaged and marked. Before a shipment is tendered to a carrier, make sure that:
    1. A proper and strong packaging method is used.
    2. A secure method of package closure is used, and there is no visual evidence of leakage or damage. (If damage is detected, isolate the damaged mailpiece and notify the appropriate personnel in case of accident or incident and for proper spill response.)
    3. The outer packaging bears all required markings and/or labels.
    4. A properly completed shipping paper is attached to the outside of the mailpiece and to the dispatch document. The shipping paper must include the information detailed in 326 and Exhibit 326.
    5. If the mailpiece contains a material believed to be nonmailable, remove it from the mailstream and treat it in accordance with POM 139.117-118, as appropriate.

See Chapter 7 for more information regarding the air transportation of mailable hazardous materials, restricted matter, or perishable matter.