334 Processing Requests

334.1 Mailing Receipt and Registration Number

334.11 General Use

The Postal Service issues a receipt when it accepts a Registered Mail item. For individual transactions, use PS Form 3806, Receipt for Registered Mail. When presenting three or more items for registration at one time, the mailer may use PS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail (see DMM 503). The registered number is determined by the barcode printed on the customs form, and the accepting clerk applies a nonbarcoded Label 200-N, Registered Mail, to the mailpiece. For items that do not require a customs form, the accepting clerk applies Label 200, Registered Mail, a preprinted self-adhesive label with a number series of nine digits preceded by a Service Type Code of two alpha characters and followed by the two-character Country Code “US.” Only labels printed by the Postal Service may be used on international Registered Mail items.

334.12 Sender’s Responsibility

The sender must:

  1. Enter the name and address of addressee on the mailing receipt before presenting the item for registration.
  2. Declare the full value of mail presented for registration. The value declared must be identical to the value stated on the hard copy PS Form 2976-R or on an electronically generated PS Form 2976. If the values declared are not identical, the Postal Service will refuse the items. (See 123.711.)
  3. The sender should retain the receipt and must submit it if he or she wishes to file a claim for the registered item (see chapter 9).
334.13 Accepting Clerk’s Responsibility

The accepting clerk must:

  1. Verify that the value declared on PS Form 3806 and the value declared on the hard copy PS Form 2976-R or an electronically generated PS Form 2976 are identical. Refuse items on which the declared values are not the same.
  2. For an item that requires a customs form, affix Label 200-N to the item on the address side — in the upper left, below the return address. For an item that does not require a customs form, similarly affix Label 200.
  3. If requested by the sender, show on the mailing receipt and on the Post Office record the time the item was accepted for mailing.
  4. On the receipt, the system will print the registration fee and postage plus the return receipt fee, if applicable.
  5. When federal government official mail is registered pursuant to 142.1, endorse the mailing receipt “OFFICIAL PAID” or “OFF. PD.”
334.14 Preparation

Items bearing an address in pencil or any other erasable format must not be accepted for Registered Mail service.

334.2 Marking

The accepting clerk must enter the following endorsements and special markings on each registered item:

  1. Affix Label 200-N or Label 200 as noted in 334.13b. All Registered Mail items of U.S. origin must bear Label 200-N or Label 200.
  2. Place airmail Label 19-A or Label 19-B or the words “PAR AVION” on registered items prepaid for air if the sender has failed to do this.
  3. Endorse the item for any other extra service that the sender requests.

334.3 Postmarking

334.31 Placement

Postmark registered items twice on the back on the crossing of the upper and lower flaps. If return receipts are used, postmark partially on the receipt and partially on the flaps of the letter. Items sealed on the address side must be postmarked on the address side.

334.32 Registered Free Matter for the Blind

Postmark registered Free Matter for the Blind on the address side.

334.4 Sealing

334.41 Sender’s Responsibility

Senders must securely seal all items presented for registration. Wax or paper seals on envelopes must bear a distinctive mark of the sender and must be affixed in such a way as to allow sufficient space at the intersections of the flaps for postmarking. Self–sealing envelopes and items that appear to have been opened and resealed may not be registered.

334.42 Registered Mail Service With Free Matter for the Blind

Registered Mail service is available when the mailer has paid all applicable Registered Mail service fees. Free Matter for the Blind items sent by Registered Mail service are not sealed against inspection.

334.5 Return Receipt

Return receipts can be purchased for Registered Mail items to most countries. (See 340 and 350 and Individual Country Listings.)