533 Additional Standards

533.1 Shipper’s Export Declaration

Commerce Form 7525-V, Shipper’s Export Declaration, is obsolete and no longer accepted by the Postal Service.

533.2 Shipper’s Electronic Export Filing Required

If an export requires a license, the customer must electronically file export information with the U.S. Bureau of the Census before mailing (see 520).

533.3 Mailer and USPS Responsibilities for Completing and Processing Forms

533.31 Mailer Responsibilities

For items requiring an export license, the mailer must include all appropriate information on the submitted form, including the following:

  1. On PS Form 2976-R, the mailer must include an ITN or AES Downtime Citation (see 520) in block 13 and a license number in block 15.
  2. When entering data into an online application to electronically generate a customs form, the mailer must include an ITN or applicable AES Exemption (see 520) in the AES/ITN/Exemption field and a license number in the Invoice/License/Certificate Number(s) field.
  3. On a hard copy PS Form 2976-A or hard copy PS Form 2976-B, the customer must follow the instructions on the form to fill in an ITN or AES Downtime Citation (see 520) and a license number in the designated blocks.
533.32 USPS Responsibilities

Postal Service personnel must verify that the submitted form is complete and in accordance with 533.31.