753 Return Receipt

753.1 Completion of Return Receipt Form

Inbound registered or insured mail for which the sender requests advice or confirmation of delivery will be endorsed with the words “AVIS DE RECEPTION” or with the letters “A.R.,” and be accompanied by a light red or pink card similar to PS Form 2865, Return Receipt for International Mail. The office of delivery must complete the receipt as follows:

  1. Have the addressee or an authorized agent date and sign the receipt with ink. When signed by an agent of the addressee, have the agent sign the addressee’s name, followed by his or her own signature.
  2. Postmark the receipt in the appropriate spaces on both sides.
  3. Endorse the completed receipt “AIRMAIL” and dispatch it as unregistered mail.

753.2 Foreign Receipt Form Missing

When inbound registered or insured mail is marked A.R. or bears the notation Avis de Reception but is not accompanied by a receipt form, the delivery office must complete and attach a pink PS Form 2865.