784 Advance Payment Not Made

784.1 Return or Disposal of Items

Items may be returned to origin or disposed of in accordance with Postal Service regulations if U.S. postage is not paid.

784.2 Mailings Without Advance Payment

A mailing subject to the provisions in 781 received without advance payment of U.S. domestic postage is held at the receiving U.S. exchange office. The exchange office reports the mailing to the executive director of International Postal Affairs, Postal Service Headquarters. (The International Postal Affairs office will advise the exchange office to release the mail when the foreign mailer has paid the applicable postage.) The report must contain the following information:

  1. Title and/or nature of the items.
  2. Identity of the sender.
  3. Number of items detained.
  4. Weight of a single item.
  5. Foreign postage paid per item.
  6. Country of mailing.