542 Mailing Under Individual Licenses

542.1 Marking by Sender

For shipments under an individual license, the sender must mark the mailpiece, “DEPARTMENT OF STATE EXPORT LICENSE NO. ___________.” If only a portion of the amount authorized is mailed, the sender must enter in the area provided on the license the amount (quantity and/or value) being shipped. In addition, the sender must record the license number in block 15 of PS Form 2976-R or in the appropriate block or field of PS Form 2976-A.

542.2 Processing at Post Office Facilities

542.21 Examination of List of Contents

When a sender presents a Department of State license, compare the description of the article indicated on the license with the description of the contents shown on the customs declaration form (see 123), or stated orally by the sender in the case of technical data mailed as printed matter (see 541.12). If no discrepancy is noted, the contents of the package are mailable, and if the destination is not one of the prohibited countries under 541.2, accept the package for mailing.

542.22 Amount of Mailing Authorized by License

If the mailing comprises the entire contents authorized by the license, retrieve the license from the sender, mark the license “completed,” apply a legible postmark, and forward it to the following address:

PM/DDTC SA-1 12th Floor
Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
Bureau of Political Military Affairs
US Department of State
Washington DC 20522-0112

If a mailing includes only a portion of the contents authorized, the mailer must enter in the area provided on the license the amount (quantity and/or value) being shipped and present the item for mailing at a Post Office facility, where it will be postmarked and returned to the sender. The mailer should bring back the same license to mail the rest of the items.