613 Qualifying as a Wholesaler

613.1 Letter of Request

Any company desiring to be a Postal Qualified Wholesaler must submit a letter of request to the following address:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-5911

The letter must demonstrate how a company meets the criteria listed in 613.2. The company must certify that it is not disqualified from being a Postal Qualified Wholesaler under the guidelines listed in 613.3 and state that it agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the Postal Qualified Wholesaler Program. The Postal Service will make the final determination of who shall be a Postal Qualified Wholesaler.

613.2 Criteria

The wholesaler:

  1. Must have a minimum of one year of experience as an international or domestic mail consolidator, presorter, or letter shop.
  2. Must have realized at least $1 million in gross international revenues with the Postal Service in the most recent calendar year for services it provided in connection with mail that originated in the United States.
  3. Must use a permit imprint that is allowable under the postage payment systems referenced in DMM 705. The wholesaler may use its own permit or that of its customers. If the wholesaler uses the customer’s permit, then the wholesaler and its agent must specify to the Postal Service the permit numbers used and provide an additional itemized report identifying the volume and revenue for each international mailing.
  4. Must have the ability to collect international mail at customers’ facilities on a daily (Monday through Friday) basis. If the wholesaler and its agent provide pickup of mail on Saturdays, Sundays, and/or holidays, it must state those days it provides pickup service.
  5. Must perform the actual handling and preparation of the international mail prior to tendering to the Postal Service in accordance with the applicable mail makeup requirements, maintain a processing facility and staff to provide the services described herein, and state the address and square footage of the facility and the number of persons employed who are involved in the handling and preparation of international mail.
  6. Must have experience, capability, and knowledge to presort, pouch, or otherwise containerize the customer’s international mail per the Postal Service requirements for any available service offered by the Postal Service.
  7. Must have the ability to transport and tender the international mail to an agreed–upon Postal Service acceptance point.
  8. Must give at least the following percentages of its gross revenue from international mailing to the Postal Service:
    1. First year of qualification: At least 75 percent.
    2. Second year of qualification: At least 85 percent.
    3. Third year and subsequent years of qualification: At least 90 percent.
  9. Must be familiar with or take steps to comply with the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Program and/or ISO 9000 certification. If a wholesaler has ISO 9000 certification, it must state the date of such certification and provide a copy of its certification award to the manager of Postal Qualified Wholesalers.

Note: Any Postal Qualified Wholesaler using a representative or agent must ensure that the representative or agent adheres to the rules and regulations of the Postal Qualified Wholesaler Program when preparing and/or tendering qualified international mails to the Postal Service.

613.3 Disqualification

Any wholesaler will be disqualified as a Postal Qualified Wholesaler if it does not meet any of the following conditions:

  1. The wholesaler must first recommend Postal Service services to its customers who request international mailing services.
  2. The wholesaler must use the level of Postal Service international service that the customer requires and for which the customer has paid.
  3. Neither the wholesaler, a subsidiary, an affiliate, an agent, nor a parent company can be:
    1. An entity on the System of Award Management (SAM), available at https://www.sam.gov/SAM/pages/public/searchRecords/search.jsf.
    2. In arrears for any amount due to the Postal Service.
  4. Gross revenue from non–Postal Service mail included in 613.2h does not include revenues which the wholesaler, a subsidiary, an affiliate, or a parent company receives for remail when the wholesaler’s customer selects the remail service and directs the wholesaler to use the remail service.
  5. The wholesaler shall describe any value–added services provided in addition to collection, sortation, and tendering of international mail. For any value–added service, the wholesaler must state how it meets the requirements of 613.2e and must specify if the value–added services are completed in–house or are subcontracted.