623 Disqualification as a GDE Wholesaler

623.1 Determining Factors

The Postal Service will disqualify any wholesaler as a GDE wholesaler for any of the following reasons:

  1. On an annualized basis, fails to pay the Postal Service a minimum of $100,000 in postage for any combination of Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Destination Entry, Parcel Select Ground, or Parcel Select Lightweight items after all discounts have been applied, exclusive of any extra services fees (e.g., insurance), for items imported into the United States and tendered to the Postal Service under the GDE Wholesaler Program.
  2. Every 6 months, fails to provide the Postal Service with sales projections and plans related to the GDE Wholesaler Program for the next 36 months, separated into 12-month increments.
  3. Fails to comply with any of the eligibility criteria listed in 622.1.

Also, the Postal Service will disqualify a wholesaler, subsidiary, affiliate, agent, or company of the wholesaler as a GDE wholesaler for either of the following reasons:

  1. Being an entity that is listed in the System of Award Management (SAM) Exclusions Extract, which is available at https://www.sam.gov/SAM/pages/public/searchRecords/search.jsf.
  2. Being in arrears for any amount due to the Postal Service.

623.2 Notification of Disqualification and Appeal

If the Postal Service discovers at any time, by whatever means, that a company that has qualified as a GDE wholesaler has not complied with any of the terms and conditions in IMM 620, the Postal Service’s International Integration Program manager will notify that company by e-mail that the company has not complied with the terms and conditions of the GDE Wholesaler Program and that the company will be stricken from the list of approved GDE wholesalers within 30 calendar days. A wholesaler who receives such notification may, within 7 days of receiving such notification, submit an appeal by e-mail to the Postal Service’s director of International Sales at globaldirect@usps.com. The appeal must list the reasons why the company should not be stricken from the list of approved GDE wholesalers. The decision of the Postal Service’s director of International Sales concerning the appeal is administratively final.