120 Preparation for Mailing

121 General Information for Mail Preparation

121.1 Packaging — Sender’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the sender to prepare items and to address them clearly and correctly. In preparing items for mailing, the sender must (1) use strong envelopes or durable packaging material to prevent deterioration or degradation, and (2) consider the nature of the articles being mailed and the distance they must travel to reach the addressee. (See DMM 601 for detailed instructions.)

121.2 Use of Postal Service Equipment

Consistent with Postal Operations Manual part 581, and without regard to mail class, mailers may use USPS-owned mail transport equipment (MTE) only to transport mail to a USPS facility. Mailers may not retain USPS-owned MTE for their internal operating use or personal convenience, and such equipment may not be furnished to mailers for such purposes. Mailers may not use USPS-owned MTE to transport mail from foreign countries when such mail is not intended for dispatch through the U.S. Postal Service. In addition, mailers must not remove USPS-owned MTE from the United States for any purpose (e.g., transporting items that will be entered as domestic mail from outside the United States to the United States) without a written agreement between the customer and the USPS manager of Mail Transport Equipment. Under no circumstances will the U.S. Postal Service grant approval for USPS-owned MTE to be out of the United States for more than 14 days. For additional information, contact the USPS manager of Mail Transport Equipment at the following address:

MANAGER of Mail transport equipment
WASHINGTON DC 20260-7102