533 Luxury Goods to Belarus and Russia

In alignment with U.S. government sanctions and the Bureau of Industry and Security, “luxury goods” destined to Belarus and Russia require a license and an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) (see IMM 524 for additional information). For purposes of the new license requirements, a “luxury good” refers to any item that is identified under new §\u2009746.10(a)(1) of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). See Exhibit 533 for a list of luxury goods destined to Belarus and Russia that require a license and an ITN. No exemptions are allowed.

Exhibit 533 

Luxury Goods Requiring a License and ITN

Antiques more than 100 years old

Artist brushes and similar brushes for cosmetics

Artwork more than 100 years old 1

Banknotes, check forms, and stocks

Blankets and traveling rugs

Camping equipment 2

Ceramics 3

Clothing 4

Coins more than 100 years old

Cosmetics 5

Electronics 6

Engine and transmission parts

Footwear valued at $300 or more per item

Fountain pens and other pens

Gold and non-gold coins

Headgear valued at $300 or more per item

Household appliances 7

Iron and steel plate with precious metals

Jewelry 8

Lead crystal glassware

Leather luggage, handbags, and other bags

Lifejackets and lifebelts

Mink and other furs

Plastic, wood, ceramic, and metal statuettes

Silk fabrics

Specimens of humans, animals, and plants

Sporting racquet strings and plastic gloves

Stamp collections

Tobacco products

Underwater breathing devices

Unused postage

Worked ivory, bone, coral, and molded or carved wax

Woven tapestry and textile wall coverings

Wrist watches and watchbands of precious metals

Notes: The items in Exhibit 533 reflect the BIS license requirements as of February 27, 2023. For the latest requirements, the mailer is responsible for consulting the current, authoritative provisions in the applicable BIS rules, which are available at https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/regulations/export-administration-regulations-ear (click on the link for “Part 746”). For up-to-date BIS license requirements, see the BIS guide “Resources on Export Controls Implemented in Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine” at https://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/policy-guidance/country-guidance/russia-belarus. Also, the items in Exhibit 533 do not imply mailability — other rules or regulations may render any item non-mailable. For prohibited and restricted items, see the Individual Country Listings for Belarus and Russia, as well as Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail.