442 Mailable Item

For all mail classes with the exception of Global Express Guaranteed service, when an air carrier refuses a properly prepared and labeled mailable international mailpiece, the Postal Service will attempt to find a suitable alternative air carrier. However, if it cannot identify another air carrier, the Postal Service will file an incident report and will return the item to the sender using Label 180, Air Carrier Rejected Mail. In such an instance, the customer may apply for refund of postage consistent with IMM 941, IMM 942, and DMM 604.9.

Note: For a refused mailable item, the mailer may have the option to send the item using Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service, which uses a unique transportation network. The item must be otherwise mailable using GXG service (see 210), GXG service must be available to the destination country (see 213.5), and the mailer must enter the item through a Post Office facility that accepts GXG items (see 215.1). In addition, the mailer must apply a new shipping label (see 214.1) with new postage (based on the item’s weight and the destination country’s GXG price group), and must obliterate any markings or labels (e.g., Label 180) indicating the item was previously returned.