752 Registered Mail

752.1 Identification

752.11 Evidence of Registration

A number on an item of mail is not sufficient evidence of registration. A registry endorsement is also required.

752.12 List of Registry Endorsements

The following are registry endorsements that may appear on Registered Mail items, depending on the language of the country of origin:

  1. Certificado.
  2. Einschreiben.
  3. R or Registered.
  4. Raccomandata.
  5. Recommande.
  6. Registo or Registrado.
752.13 Treatment of Registered Items

All mail registered by the country of origin must be handled in the domestic First-Class Mail mailstream from the exchange office to the office of delivery. A signed delivery receipt must be obtained at the time of delivery.

752.14 Treated as Ordinary Mail

Any item without evidence of formal registration must be treated as ordinary mail. A sender’s registry endorsement on such articles must be crossed out.

752.2 Treatment by Office of Delivery

752.21 Delivery

Record and deliver in accordance with DMM 503 and POM 812.4.

752.22 Mail Unaccounted for After Assignment for Delivery
752.221 General

When a Registered Mail item assigned for delivery is not properly accounted for, make a record of the available facts concerning the item and file the report, pending a possible inquiry.

752.222 Inquiries

If an inquiry is received from the sender (see 920), ask the addressee whether the item was received. If the item was not received, make a full report promptly to the appropriate Postal Service inspector–in–charge.

752.23 Indemnity Claims and Payments

For detailed information concerning indemnity claims and payments for loss, damage, or missing contents for Registered Mail items, see 930.