722 Segregation and Handling

722.1 Treatment of Packages Labeled for Inspection

722.11 Dispatch of Packages

Dispatch packages bearing green and yellow or red and white address labels to the Agriculture Department inspection points shown on the labels.

722.12 Marking

After the packages are inspected and cleared, they will be stamped “RELEASED” or “TREATED AND RELEASED,” redirected to the addressees, and returned to the mail for delivery.

722.2 Treatment of Packages Exempt From Inspection

Undamaged packages bearing the Agriculture Department label Importation Authorized should be forwarded directly to the Post Office of address. If packages bearing this label are damaged, recondition them if necessary, and forward for agricultural inspection as prescribed in 722.3.

722.3 Treatment of Unauthorized Importations

Mark “FOR AGRICULTURAL QUARANTINE INSPECTION” on packages containing the articles listed in 721 but not bearing any Agriculture Department labels or inspection stamps. Forward them under seal to the postmaster at the most accessible location listed in 723.

722.4 Packages Containing Prohibited Material

Upon inspection, packages found to contain prohibited agricultural material are either (1) released for delivery after removal of the prohibited contents and insertion of a notice by the inspector, or (2) marked “REFUSED ENTRY” (or a similar notation) and returned to origin.